5 Signs You’re Being Bullied at Work

If you’re like many employees in Kentucky, there’s a chance you may have, or may be, experiencing Workplace Bullying. But how do Workplace bullying in Kentuckyyou know? What are the signs?

We’ve compiled five signs that point towards someone at your work being a bully:

Work Equals Misery

Does the thought of Monday make you anxious…maybe even throw up? If you dread the start of the work week that much, then there is an issue.

The Criticism Doesn’t End

If all you get is criticism, whether from a superior, or a co-worker, and never any support or praise, then you may be a target.

Yelling. And More Yelling.

Does work seem to be a scream-fest? Is there someone that does nothing but yell? And is the yelling always directed at someone in particular (like you?).

They Never Forget

Does your boss or a co-worker keep track of every little mistake you make? Then throw them back in your face when it’s seems convenient for them? This can be an issue.

Gossip Galore

Is someone spreading gossip, and lies, about you at work. This can undermine your performance, and is a sure sign of bullying.

These are only 5 signs of workplace bullying. There are many more that you probably aren’t aware of. If you would like to know more, or would like to talk about a workplace bullying workshop for your company, CONTACT US!

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