10 Most Common Workplace Bullying Behaviors from Dr. Allan Beane and WBI Survey

10 Most Common Workplace Bullying Behaviors*

· Falsely accusing someone of “errors” not actually made (71%)

· Nonverbally intimidating and showing hostility with stares and glares (68%)

· Discounting the person’s thoughts or feelings (“Oh, that’s silly.”) in meetings (64%)

· Using the “silent treatment” to socially isolate (64%)

· Making up her/his own rules on the fly that even she/he does not follow (61%)

· Exhibiting uncontrollable mood swings in front of the group (61%)

· Disregarding satisfactory or outstanding quality of completed work despite evidence (58%)

· Harshly and constantly criticizing someone holding them to a different standard than others (57%)

· Starting, or failing to stop, destructive rumors or gossip about a person (56%)

· Encouraging people to turn against the person being bullied (55%)

*2010 WBI U.S. Workplace Bullying Survey



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