Press Release: Freedom Week: A Call to Stop Workplace Bullying


Freedom Week: A Call to Stop Workplace Bullying

(Louisville) Freedom from Workplace Bullies Week is a national awareness-raising event sponsored by the Workplace Bullying Institute (WBI). “Freedom Week is the chance to break through the shame and silence surrounding workplace bullying,” says Dr. Gary Namie, WBI co-founder and co-author of The Bully-Free Workplace (Wiley).

WBI defines Workplace Bullying as abusive conduct committed by one or more perpetrators. According to the latest scientific WBI national survey, over one-quarter of adult Americans, 27%, have been the target of workplace bullying. A startling 65 million Americans are negatively affected by abusive conduct at work. Damages include harm to employee health and job loss; employers suffer lost productivity and lawsuits.

It’s an epidemic but fear of losing one’s job in these tough economic times leads to underreporting. It’s a silent epidemic.

In years past, several cities and counties across the country have proclaimed “Freedom from Workplace Bullies Week.” It is a time for bullied individuals and their families to plan ways to leave damaging jobs. Unions should awaken to bullying within their ranks. Employers should commit to stop the preventable losses. Lawmakers can introduce a state bill to curb bullying in the workplace called the Healthy Workplace Bill.


Contact: Angela M. Woodward, Coordinator, Kentucky Healthy Workplace Bill




WBI is the first and only research and education U.S. organization dedicated to the eradication of abusive conduct in the workplace.

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