Bullying Reduces Productivity!!!

A study conducted by the Workplace Bullying Institute and Zogby International in 2007 showed that 37 percent of American Workers have been bullied at work—an additional 12 percent said they have witnessed it.  Both the abusers and the targets have lower productivity—a consequence that the US economy cannot afford.  It can be stopped by researching its causes and creating an environment that addresses this behavior. 

We can help…

Our Workshop: Relational Aggression in the Workplace

Course Objectives:

  • Define relational aggression in the workplace
  • learn how to identify aggressive behavior
  • discover the impact on the productivity of the aggressor, target, co-workers, and working environment
  • Learn new strategies for responding and correcting aggressive behavior
  • set workplace policies to deter and abolish relational aggression and increase productivity


Workshop Agenda:

  • Understanding relational aggression
  • Participants—willing and unwilling
  • Consequences of relational aggression in the workplace
  • Strategies for responding
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Angela M. Woodward

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